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Right to Housing for the Most Vulnerable Citizens
flag Italy - (Associazione Comunit√° Emmaus Villafranca)

The right to housing is a prerequisite to exercising other fundamental rights (such as the rights to work, to found a family, to health, to private life).

In 1990 Emmaus Villafranca created the cooperative SOS Casa and bought a building that they planned to renovate, this building would house the first 5 apartments.
Decent housing was made available at affordable prices and specific support was provided for vulnerable people on the housing market (migrants, young couples, pensioners, single-income families, seperated parents), for the categories of people that are too "poor" to afford rents.

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Permanent Affordable Housing
flag United States - (H.O.M.E. Incorporated)

Our group has been working to provide permanent affordable housing and a means for creating community since its inception in 1970. HOME is located in an area where housing and land, especially waterfront property, has been slowly moving towards gentrification over the past few generations. It is now becoming very difficult for working class families to find decent living conditions in this part of Maine, especially permanent housing. Land is becoming a commodity rather than a community asset, with many people owning summer homes and cottages which see use for only a few weeks out of the year. This pushes the lower class into rentals or other sub-par and difficult living situations. Many families are forced to dislocate from the State where they have lived for generation after generation.

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