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Raising awareness of the situation in African countries
flag Denmark - (Genvej til Udvikling)

GTU (Genvej Til Udvikling, or Shortcut to Development) aims to inform the general public about Emmaus and development initiatives, particularly those run in French-speaking countries in West Africa. The group makes a particular effort to reach sectors of the Danish population which have little awareness of the issue through other development associations.

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A furniture “makeover” lab
flag Italy - (Associazione Trapeiros di Emmaus)

Several months ago we set up a furniture “transformation” lab in a building that confiscated from the mafia, which the Erba town hall has allowed us to use, free of charge.

Certain pieces of furniture that are collected through our normal removal activities are selected to be sent to this workshop. These items of furniture are difficult to sell due to their poor condition, or because they are unfashionable and not desirable.

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flag France - (EMMAUS FRANCE)

Actively engaged in the struggle against poverty and exclusion since 1949, Abbé Pierre’s movement has once again demonstrated its ability to innovate and counteract the logic of social and economic exclusion by creating a cooperative society that serves the common good (SCIC) called “Label Emmaüs”. First and foremost an online solidarity marketplace, Label Emmaüs is an innovative digital project and above all a social adventure.
The movement’s solidarity promoting economic activity is evolving to become more modern whilst keeping the project’s original promise to give people a second life and objects a second chance. Label Emmaüs is Emmaus’s bet on living by its own name and embracing its own values in the e-commerce environment.

Digital technology has become commonplace and all organisations need to make use of it. This is especially true for the third-sector organisations because it can serve as a means of overcoming exclusion: the Bocage workshops, Tri-Rhone-Alpes, ADB Solidatech, Connexions solidaires, We Tech Care: Emmaus has been present in the digital world for some time now.

In an online landscape increasingly dominated by giants, Emmaus is resisting with freedom and the pioneering spirit of those who created the internet, to design a more inclusive online environment that fosters social interaction.
The latest of these innovations, the solidarity marketplace Label Emmaüs, supplement’s Emmaus’s online presence.

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Cooperative – Alternative Forms of Entrepreneurial Action
flag Poland - (Stowarzyszenie Emaus)

Since the Emmaus Lublin community (Poland) opened in 1995 it has been carrying out the classic activities of collecting and selling on used objects. But in recent years the group has been looking to identify new sources of funding.
The current economic climate in Poland means that the quality and quantity of articles received in our community is mediocre. Thus we are dependant, in a way, on aid coming from Emmaus groups in Western European countries.
Developing new forms of funding would mean more autonomy for our group and greater diversity in our sources of funding. We also offer training and practice in manual jobs for our companions, depending on whether or not they are interested and depending on their individual capabilities. Thanks to this work some of them have been able to find work and become autonomous.

With this goal in mind a Cooperative has been created and the majority of its members are companions. This Cooperative helps provide greater diversity of production and services.

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