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Actively engaged in the struggle against poverty and exclusion since 1949, Abbé Pierre’s movement has once again demonstrated its ability to innovate and counteract the logic of social and economic exclusion by creating a cooperative society that serves the common good (SCIC) called “Label Emmaüs”. First and foremost an online solidarity marketplace, Label Emmaüs is an innovative digital project and above all a social adventure.
The movement’s solidarity promoting economic activity is evolving to become more modern whilst keeping the project’s original promise to give people a second life and objects a second chance. Label Emmaüs is Emmaus’s bet on living by its own name and embracing its own values in the e-commerce environment.

Digital technology has become commonplace and all organisations need to make use of it. This is especially true for the third-sector organisations because it can serve as a means of overcoming exclusion: the Bocage workshops, Tri-Rhone-Alpes, ADB Solidatech, Connexions solidaires, We Tech Care: Emmaus has been present in the digital world for some time now.

In an online landscape increasingly dominated by giants, Emmaus is resisting with freedom and the pioneering spirit of those who created the internet, to design a more inclusive online environment that fosters social interaction.
The latest of these innovations, the solidarity marketplace Label Emmaüs, supplement’s Emmaus’s online presence.

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After Prison, Live on a Farm
flag France - (EMMAUS FRANCE)

French criminal law states that sanctions on criminals should seek to integrate or reintegrate people who have committed a crime. Moreover, studies show that 60% of people given prison sentences reoffend within 5 years if they do not receive specialised social support. Overpopulation of prisons, violence, unstable physical and mental health – the conditions in prison don’t enable them to prepare for release and increase the risk of people reoffending.

Driven by a strong belief that all human beings can improve themselves and rebuild their lives through work, in 1990 Jacques Pluvinage and Claude Naudin founded Moyembrie Farm to mitigate the damaging social impact of prison, and to prepare people for their reintegration into society.

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