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Women’s involvement in decision-making bodies in rural areas
flag Burkina Faso - (Association des femmes de Zabré "Pag-la-Yiri")

Women in Burkina Faso make up the poorest and most vulnerable population group, particularly in rural areas. Cultural and legal obstacles, as well as unequal access to social services and resources limit their contribution to the country’s political and economic life.
Traditional customs and a lack of legal protection for issues such as inheritance and domestic violence further limit women’s opportunities to become independent leaders, whether in their communities or on a national level.
Women elected to positions on a local or national level do not manage to effectively contribute to important causes, in particular the reduction of poverty and local development initiatives. This is due to a lack of support from their respective political parties and a limited capacity of influence.
To sum up, members of women’s organisations, women in political parties or locally-elected women have very little sway, having limited influence in policy formulation and decision making relating to development.
This reality is what has led the Pag-La-Ya association launch initiatives aimed at strengthening women’s participation in decision-making bodies at the local-authority or party-political level.

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PAG-LA-YIRI community radio station
flag Burkina Faso - (Association des femmes de Zabré "Pag-la-Yiri")

The Pag-La-Yiri association is a women's development association based in the centre-east region of Burkina Faso, in Boulgou province. Created in 1975 this association fights for the well-being of the population, notably for women living in rural areas. The HQ is in Zabré and the association intervenes in 11 areas across 5 communes (Zabré, Zonsé, Zoaga, Garango and Gomboussougou) in the provinces of Boulgou and Zoundwéogo.

In order to educate the population and raise awareness about development topics amongst women living in rural areas (communicating and providing information) the association launched a community radio station, 'Radio Pag-La-Yiri'.

Financial and technical support from a Dutch NGO called IICD (The International Institute for Communication and Development) enabled us to launch Radio Pag-La-Yiri. We signed our first convention with the CSC (High Council for Communication) on 18 October 2007 and this agreement was renewed on 15 February 2013.
The main objective was to ensure women’s voices are heard given that both the association and the radio initiative are led by women. Radio Pag-La-Yiri is the only radio station in the commune of Zabré. It has been broadcasting officially since 8 February 2009.

Radio Pag-La-Yiri, despite being a specifically 'women's radio station' and a 'community radio station', is also a generalist radio station.

The radio station's specific objective is to contribute towards raising awareness amongst the local population by encouraging them to lead positive action, boosting integral human development.

With a transmission range of 80 kilometres Radio Pag-La-Yiri targets village communities (men, women and young people) and branches of the association are based in these villages. Radio Pag-La-Yiri's broadcasts are generally addressed to the entire local population.

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