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flag Uruguay - (EMAÚS AMÉRICA)

This event was organised in line with the Emmaus Americas region’s work plan, which prioritises the need to reinstate spaces for exchange and training in which leaders of the various Emmaus groups, all of whom work in different contexts, can jointly reflect on topics such as the environment, gender, the solidarity economy, poverty, public participation, etc., and can formulate a political message that reaches beyond the groups’ daily action in their respective contexts.

Aim of the meeting:
•Continue strengthening the group leaders’ management skills

•To promote good practice amongst leaders in their collective work, thus helping the groups in their efforts to become economically self-sufficient, to ensure that their activities are sustainable and to include their members.

•Ensure that this work is reflected in our presence as social stakeholders committed to the most urgent social struggles together with those most in need.

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flag Colombia - (EMAÚS AMÉRICA)

The Emmaus Pereira and Piura groups, working together under our struggle for Peace, Freedom of Movement and Universal Citizenship, have helped bring people from two South American countries, Peru and Colombia, closer together. The objective of this initiative is to develop further integration and cooperation between our two communities for the benefit of our citizens.

This initiative to unite our strength was designed with the idea that South American countries should have the same goal for their growth policies: know-how about cultural and social matters in order to launch cultural programmes and development projects.

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