Reception center Duje
 Doboj Istok, Federación de Bosnia y Herzegovina, Bosnie-Herzégovine



Since 1999, aim of the Center was to provide support and accommodation to the refugees from Kosovo. Center was built with support of Emmaus International, and continuously supported it with medical and other equipment. After return of the refugees to third countries, this Center changed the purpose into the accommodation of Bosnian refugees from Macedonia and Turkey. During the period till 2004, refugees came back to their homes or other, and IFS started with implementation of presented initiative. In cooperation with Cantonal Ministry of social work, IFS started to provide assistance to the people who are in a state of health, social, economic needs, as a Reception center Duje. At the moment, in total 424 beneficiaries are accommodated in Center from whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Assistance to beneficiaries is provided in Center which has capacity of 450 beds. The Center consists of seven pavilions, rooms are adapted to gender and category of beneficiaries, including water and heating system, a living room, kitchen, dining room and bakery. Center is equipped with modern medical equipment, as well as the reference laboratory and an ambulance. To all beneficiaries, in addition to accommodation, is provided adequate nutrition, clothing, shoes, toiletries, safety and protection, including health and psycho-social support.
Second and tertiary health care services are provided to beneficiaries of RC Duje in cooperation with other health centers (hospitals, clinic centers, spas etc.).
Primary service of Reception Center Duje is to accommodate and assist elderly population without family care in state of health and social need. During the years, the number of different categories of population was increased.
For the last three years, Reception Center Duje is going through the process of reorganization in four centers, in accordance with the prescribed national and international standards and norms, as follow:
- Center for elderly people;
- Center for persons with mental disorders;
- Center for persons with disabilities and
- Center for children and youth.


In addition to regular activities in the Center, occupational therapy is very important for beneficiaries that complements and enhances their stay at the Center. Through various workshops, social therapies beneficiaries have the opportunity to acquire some new skills, but also to feel socially useful. Beneficiaries, together with therapists are working on drama and literary sections, musical choreography, producing handicrafts, writing, painting, participating in social events (poetry nights, public exhibition, cultural exchange, etc.).
Through the initiative, activities are directed toward assuring the conditions for better progress, rehabilitation, improving the process of deinstitutionalization.


Beneficiaries are taken care by 142 employees including specialized medical team (doctors, special educator, pedagogue-psychologist, social worker and senior nurse) as other personal that takes care of food, hygiene and security of beneficiaries.
Beside the employees, who are directly involved in activities on everyday basis, the organizational activities are implemented and coordinated by team of management. A group of 50 volunteers who participate, according to their interest, in planned activities of the center, give a significant contribution to the activities implemented.


Since 2004, Center is developed and became a partner with relevant state and local level ministries and institutions related to social care and protection (Ministry for social affairs, centers for social work, public institutions, and schools).
Cooperation is defined with the contracts and role of all partners is also, clearly foreseen. Center provides the accommodation, and all mentioned care. During the period, various donors, national and international, supported the initiatives with aim of improving the living conditions and increase quality of provided service.
Project of building the Center for children and youth was supported by different stakeholders and donors from the BH: Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and the return of TK; NGO’s from the Netherlands, as well as various governmental and non-governmental organizations from the municipality Bucine, Italy.
The management of IFS-EMMAUS established cooperation, defined with Memo, with the Tuzla University (Educational-Rehabilitation Faculty) since October 2014. This cooperation foreseeing improving the professional capacities through the regular education of staff members, organization of study visits to the other similar centers in region and wider, using the good practices, organization of study visits to the Center by other centers, creating the new programs, as well as evaluation of the progress of the beneficiaries.

Transformation of Reception center

After ten years of implementation, in 2014 this initiative was developed in next stage, building the Center for children and youth. Since September 2015, Center is open and activities for children and youth are implemented in new environment, which enhance the opportunity to reach the better goals and success. Next phase of transformation is project of living in community with support, where are the group of 16 beneficiaries of Center Duje prepared and strengthened, started to live in local community.


We are planning to continue with process of transformation of the services, and to improve the cooperation with relevant stakeholders. Next initiatives are planned to be implemented, as follow:
- Building the Center for people with disability;
- Reconstruction and renovation of the facilities in a purpose of Center for people with mental disorders;
- Continuation with process of deinstitutionalization;
- Developing Center as a focal point for vocational and professional development of people with disabilities;
- Increasing the number of people who are successfully rehabilitated.


With the realization of this project we started in June 2014. The mentioned project consists of three phases: construction of the Centre for children and youth, building houses and building bungalows. With the help of donors, Center for Children and Youth is built, in compliance with the prescribed national and international standards and norms, which will, under the supervision of professional staff, help children to go through the processes of socialization and finally reintegration into the local community. In the first phase accommodation for 24 children is provided, and with the completion of construction of houses and bungalows, planned capacity will be expanded to 54 beneficiaries. Center for Children and Youth was officially opened in September 2015. Since October 2016, next stage of building the bungalows started.
Due to the fact that everyday the number of requests for the accommodation of people who are in need is increasing, it is necessary to expand capacities. IFS-EMMAUS in cooperation with Cantonal Ministry for work, social politics and return, ensured all regular conditions for establishing Center for elderly people. It is accommodating in total 84 persons in this Center. With support of Foundation Abbe Pierre and Emmaus International, in 2016 started implementation of reconstruction and renovation of Center for elderly people.
In order to provide the best possible integration of marginalized people and people in need in society, IFS- EMMAUS initiated project "Supported housing" where these people, under the expert supervision, through the process of reintegration into the community, will continue to develop their capacities for eventual full return to the family. The Center for the first time developed a model and also became the initiator and implementer of deinstitutionalization of beneficiaries. The aim of this project is to enable beneficiaries living in the community with an emphasis on exercise of their fundamental rights, facilitate the development of other creative and working potential, and work on the de-stigmatization of people with disabilities. On August 2015, project started and 8 people, who were long-time beneficiaries of the Center, moved in.
Since September 2016, second group of eight people from Center are included in program of preparing for living in community with support.


Since 2004, this initiative went through the significant changes, and today, progress is visible. Strategic activities of IFS-Emmaus are directed toward improvement and developing professional staff parallel with expanding the infrastructural capacities. The complexity of categories and needed services, which Center needs to provide, resulted with many of activities which are different, but at the same time connected. Financial support is important for successful implementation of activities, as well as professional supervision, which we are trying to combine.




Initiative sponsors

Sabina Arnaut Jahic


Doboj Istok, Federación de Bosnia y Herzegovina, Bosnie-Herzégovine


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